Mark Dickstein, Esq.-Claimant attorney-Pembroke Pines, FL


"The attorneys at Consumer Advocates Law  and Fair Credit Law Group have really stepped up to the plate in resolving my clients’ needs as far as them receiving bills and statements that should have been directed to the workers’ compensation carrier.  This has allowed me to focus on their accident claims; while Paul Herman and the attorneys spend their time and expertise ensuring that my clients are not held accountable for medical bills that are not their responsibility.  They have been a great help in freeing up my time to spend on the legal issues that I know.

Thank you Consumer Advocates Law and Fair Credit Law Group!" 

David M. Cohen, Esq. – Claimant attorney – Hollywood, FL

"They really helped me resolve some collection issues that were creating problems for my claimants who continued to receive bills even after I filed a petition and asked the carrier to place them in line for payment. They work quickly, the clients are relieved and my work and time is very limited once they get involved. They definitely know their stuff and they are effective in stopping the collection harassment."  

Jason G. Barnett, Esq.-claimant attorney-Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Before I started referring cases to Paul and Joel, my workers’ compensation clients’ were constantly getting medical bills sent to their homes; and were panicked when they received calls from bill collectors threatening to ruin their credit.  The adjusters claimed they had not made payment because they had never received the bills on the proper billing forms.  Moreover, the judges claimed not to have jurisdiction over erroneous billing disputes.  In short, I was stuck with an angry client with ruined credit over medical bills that were not even their responsibility to pay.   Since hiring Paul and Joel, I no longer have these problems.  Thank you Paul Herman, Esquire for resolving so many of these billing issues for my clients, so that I can now concentrate on fighting for the workers’ compensation benefits to which my clients’ are entitled."  

Mario L. Perez, Esq.-claimant attorney-Plantation, FL


"I have used Paul on many occasions to help with my clients with billing from healthcare providers that treated them under the workers' 

compensation system.  Paul has always provided excellent services to me and my clients. I would highly recommend him. "

Mark Algots-client


"Mr. Herman has been in  my corner helping me with collection agencies, etc., getting bills reduced or wiped out entirely.  He is very knowledgeable in this area and a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you Paul!"

Raina Russo-client


"Mr. Herman has been instrumental in turning my financial life around, helping me to pull myself out of a deep hole and see a clear path to a brighter future. Tough situations are at times heavy and daunting and having clarity is paramount for putting the complicated matters into perspective and figuring out an achievable game plan.   

I am very grateful to have been connected to Paul. He has an amazing ability of being the necessary “ straight shooter” while maintaining a level of compassion that is important in these tough situations. I would highly recommend Mr. Herman to anyone seeking sound advice."

Success Stories


One of our clients had over 10 medical providers harassing him for payment of workers' comp medical bills

Not only did we stop the medical providers and debt collectors from further collection actions, we made sure they did not report the items on his credit report and recovered damages.


Class Actions

In certain situations with large national debt collectors we are pursuing class action cases for repetitive harassment of injured workers.