Can I be billed for workers' comp treatment?

No.  Florida Statute 440.13 prohibits a medical provider from billing an injured worker in Florida but unfortunately they violate this law every day.

Can my credit be affected by a medical bill?

If the medical provider or debt collector reports the bill to your credit it can ruin your credit for 7 years.

What should I do if I receive a bill?

Contact your workers' compensation attorney and have them call us asap.

Do you charge upfront fees?

No.  We handle these cases on a purely contingency basis so we only recover our fees and costs if we are successful.

I'm a claimant's attorney with clients. Can I refer them to you?

Absolutely.  We are already working with many claimant attorneys throughout the state and pay particpation fees per the Florida Bar Rules.

How is your firm different?

We are the only team of lawyers with over 70 years of both workers' compensation and consumer litigation experience handling these types of cases.